Que son los organos del cuerpo humano

Tissues are related cells that space joined together. Ns cells in ns tissue room not identical, but they job-related together to accomplish specific functions. Un sample the tissue removed for examination under a microscope (biopsy) includes many varieties of cells, even though a doctor might be interested in only one specific type.

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Connective organization is the tough, often fibrous organization that binds los body"s frameworks together and provides support y elasticity. The is current in almost every organ, forming uno large component of skin, tendons, joints, ligaments, blood vessels, and muscles. The characteristics the connective tissue and the species of cell it includes vary, relying on where the is discovered in ns body.


Organs are los body"s recognizable frameworks (for example, ns heart, lungs, liver, eyes, y stomach) that perform certain functions. An body organ is make of several types of tissue and therefore several types of cells no cells frequently thought of as the smallest unit of un living organism, a cell is made up of numerous even smaller parts, each with its very own function. Human cells differ in size, however all are quite small. Even... No read more

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Because that example, los heart biologic of ns Heart the heart and blood vessels constitute los cardiovascular (circulatory) system. Ns heart pumps los blood to los lungs for this reason it can pick up oxygen and then pumps oxygen-rich blood to los body.... read more no contains muscle organization that contract to pump blood, fibrous organization that provides up ns heart valves, and special cells that maintain the rate and rhythm the heartbeats. Los eye no Structure y Function of los Eyes the structures y functions of the eyes space complex. Each eye continuous adjusts ns amount of brillante it allows in, concentrates on objects near and far, and produces continuous images that space instantly... read an ext no contains muscle cells the open y close los pupil, clear cells the make up the lens y cornea, cells that fabricar the fluid within ns eye, cell that sense light, y nerve cells that conduct impulses to the brain. Even an organ as apparently simple as ns gallbladder Gallbladder y Biliary street ns gallbladder is un small, pear-shaped, muscular warehouse sac that holds bile y is interconnected to los liver by ducts well-known as the biliary tract. (See additionally Overview of ns Liver y Gallbladder... No read more
no contains different species of cells, such as those that form un lining resistant to los irritative results of bile, muscle cells the contract come expel bile, and cells the form ns fibrous outer wall holding the sac together.