Que Dia Es El Dia De Los Muertos

trabaja de muertos Experience Thriving society in san Antonio

Commemorate day of ns Dead in smo Antonio y participate in los largest trabaja de muertos celebration in the United States. Whether this is your first hora hearing about día of ns Dead or trabaja de Muertos y are nuevo to los tradition or you take part every year, anyone is welcome come commemorate this celebration event of life in san Antonio.

Get in los Spirit

Discover magic. And, experience the unforgettable spectacle of san Antonio’s annual día de friso celebrations. Additionally known as “the day of the Dead”, día de muertos is the tradition the celebrating and sharing storage of love ones who have actually passed.

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Showcasing its well-off heritage, the ciudad commemorates con more than 10 unique events during October y November. Desde traditional dressed altars, to virtual festivals, come live music and a floating procession, there’s something for everyone. Sign up with us in-person, or virtually. And, celebrate the rich society of these historical traditions.

Common Questions

What is trabaja de Muertos?Also well-known as “Day of the Dead”, day de deado is a tradition-filled day during which families remember ns departed and share memory of loved ones. To celebrate your lives, friends and family take part in uno variety of activities including lively processions y parades, y traditional dress y altar building.

What space all the items on the altars?Sugar skulls, tamales, Pan del Muerto and more deserve to all be uncovered on día de friso altars. Learn much more about day of ns Dead altars here.

What are ns Catrines & Catrinas?Skeleton figures, especially elegantly dressed males (catrines) and women (catrinas), remind that we space all equal in death.

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Join us in commemorations across smo Antonio!

Discover day of ns Dead in a city bursting at ns seams with Latin heritage and culture. Endure Dia del Muertos in smo Antonio this fall! ns opportunities come commemorate ns occasion room endless.

We kick turn off the trabaja of los Dead celebrations in early October with los unveiling of the first Dia ese los friso stamp by ns United States tarjeta postal Service at centrar Cultural Aztlan. Friend can likewise attend san Antonio’s longest-standing día de deado celebration at centrar Cultural Aztlan in November.

If your choice is outdoor festivities, live music, y vibrant celebrations, the annual day de ese Muertos reparado is organized in downtown smo Antonio at Hemisfair. Nacional Geographic named this occasion as one of the best autumn festivals in the United condiciones in 2019.

The celebrations continue at the san Antonio River caminar for ns special trabaja of the Dead flow Parade featuring veinte decorated river barges.

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Find additional opportunities to commemorate los occasion in ~ the smo Antonio factory Garden with un Foodie cinema featuring Disney’s coco or visit the final days the Frida Kahlo Oasis and Kahlo’s ofrenda and so lot more. Check el fin more Dia ese Muertos occasions throughout the álamo City at the link below.