Whether you’re wonder what you had to say about a particularmente subject regreso in the trabaja or wanting come clean up your Twitter background (removing any, ahem, ashamed tweets friend may have actually sent), there room several methods to go around finding your viejo tweets. You deserve to even conveniently find los first tweet you ever sent. Here’s how.

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The sencillo (or not So Simple) method to Search old Tweets

The simplest however most time-consuming method to find your old tweets is come visit your profile y scroll back come your viejo tweets in your timeline. If you’re ns prolific Twitter user, however, this is uno task that could take considerable time. Here at atareq.net, because that example, we’ve tweeted much more than 5,800 times. That’s a lot that scrolling!


The other hiccup with this method is that Twitter only enables you to scroll trasero to los past 3,200 tweets, so if you’re favor us y have tweeted an ext than 3,200 times, you won’t be able to manually scroll trasero to los very beginning of her timeline. So, if you’re searching for your first-ever tweet, los scrolling an approach won’t work.

Now, if girlfriend really desire to be thorough, you have the right to request your saturado archive desde Twitter. Go to your setups by clicking los “More” symbol (…) in ns navigation menu, then clic on “Your account” y then clic “Download an save of your data.” after verifying your account, click on the azul “Request archive” button on the próximo screen. Twitter will email you ns link once your archive is all set to be downloaded, or if friend have the app installed, you will do it receive a push notification. Her archive will incorporate every tweet you’ve sent, including retweets, starting representar the beginning, as well as other account datos such as los accounts you’ve blocked or muted, interests and ads data, y more. The information will certainly be sent out in ns .zip file, which can be downloaded y viewed in as an html file or CSV format.


Note that when requesting your archive, Twitter shows that it deserve to take 24 hours or much longer to get your save on computer – y it can often take numerous days prior to you receive it. If you require to uncover your viejo tweets faster, there’s another option: AllMyTweets.

Using AllMyTweets to find Your old Tweets


Screenshot via AllMyTweets

Can’t wait for days to acquire an archive of your Twitter history desde Twitter? apps like AllMyTweets make it feasible to find your viejo tweets (or any kind of account’s viejo tweets) soon – or at least in a few minutes, together opposed come days. And it’s easy to do: 

Enter ns username of ns account because that which you desire to find viejo tweets. Select what you desire to watch for the account girlfriend entered: Tweets, Likes, Following, or Followers. (You can select one at uno time; if you click a 2nd button while ns first choice clicked is quiet loading, ns app will start loading your many recent an option instead of los first.)AllMyTweets will certainly generate a list that tweets or likes (in turning back chronological order), accounts following or complied with by the account you entered in action #2. You can click on the icon in ~ the fin of each tweet presented in los results come visit the tweet directly on Twitter.

Using Twitter find to discover Your old Tweets

What if you nothing have tiempo to wait, or ns desire to sift with every single tweet you’ve ever sent? an additional option is come type from:username into ns search bar, which bring up every tweets ever before sent from that username. (This is a useful cheat if you’re searching for someone else’s viejo tweets, as well.)

This method brings up uno list of her previous tweets, but that’s not los most useful way to go about it if you’re looking for tweets desde a certain hora or top top a específico subject. Adding an ext search parameters can help you narrow abajo the results.

How come Find old Tweets with ns Date Range

If you desire to find your viejo tweets from a specific date range, scrolling with your timeline isn’t the most reliable method. Los good news is you not limited to using your username in ns Twitter find bar – you have the right to add other search parameters, too, including uno date range.

Here’s an easy trick because that bringing up all tweets sent by un user during ns date range:

Go to ns Twitter search bar.Type in los following: from:username since:YYYY-MM-DD until: YYYY-MM-DDHit go into (or clic the magnifying glass symbol in the search bar).

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Voilà! You now have uno complete list of every tweet sent from your username (or any type of username) between los dates girlfriend specified.

One point to keep in mind: ns default watch is “Top,” meaning you’re see your optimal tweets representar that time period. Click “Latest” in the navigation bar to check out those very same tweets in reverse-chronological order.


How to uncover Your very first Tweet

It’s easy to uncover your first tweet – or any user’s an initial tweet – using ns same an approach described above. In this case, you require to recognize when ns user join Twitter. Nothing remember once you joined? Fortunately, this is straightforward to discover on your profile page:

In ns screenshot above, you can see the atareq.net join Twitter in in march 2008. Come find atareq.net’ first-ever tweet:

That’s it! ours first-ever tweets, from way trasero in ns day:

Using Twitter’s progressed Search

Twitter also has an progressed Search device that makes it basic to conduct date-range searches y find viejo tweets from your very own profile or one more user on a particular topic, tweets tagged with uno certain location, tweets containing certain hashtags, tweets with uno minimum number of comments, likes, y retweets and also tweets on ns topic representar several users with a soltero search.

To usar this tool:

To find by topic, type in your keywords using ns available fields. You have the right to search for tweets containing a close enhance to uno word or phrase, tweets comprise only precise match for your specified phrase, tweets excluding certain words, tweets in ns certain language, or tweets containing stated hashtags.To discover tweets desde specified users, use the “Accounts” fields to uncover tweets from certain accounts, tweets to details accounts, or tweets the mention details accounts. (This is a handy device if you desire to find fuera what other Twitter users are saying around your brand, because that instance.)Adjust the filter settings to include replies and original tweets or only show replies and to include tweets con links or only donar tweets with links.If you’re in search of tweets the received more engagement, you have the right to use ns “Engagement” fields to border your results to tweets with a minimum variety of replies, likes, and/or retweets.If you using advanced Search come find tweets sent out during specific dates, use los “Dates” fields to enter the starting y ending day for ns period you desire to search.

Once you gain your find results delaware entering your parameters in advanced Search y clicking the azul “Search” button, you’ll an alert that there’s a search string raza to los one you provided for ns standard Twitter search method discussed earlier in this post: 

If you desire to find her first-ever tweet using advanced Search, find the date you joined Twitter y enter that day into the “From” y “To” fields. This assumes, of course, the you actually started tweeting on ns date you joined. If that’s not the case, you might come increase empty-handed unless you increase your day range un bit.

The beauty of los Advanced Search tool is that you can use as couple of or as plenty of fields together you like, so it’s easy to quickly uncover your old tweets on uno topic sent on un given día or during uno certain week. It’s a great tool for compete analysis, too. If you conducting research for a weblog post, examining opinions about a product launch, or performing social listening, such as in search of reactions to an industry conferencia (along con myriad various other potential use cases), Twitter’s progressed Search is your nuevo BFF.

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How to Find viejo Tweets and Delete Them 

What if you don’t just want to find your old tweets, yet delete your old tweets as well? possibly you’ve began a new career route in a nuevo industry and want to eliminate tweets regarded your vault profession, or possibly you desire to rid her timeline of embarrassing tweets from before girlfriend knew better. Or, perhaps you’ve adjusted your mind around something girlfriend tweeted about in the past. Whatever ns reason, there space tools that allow you come mass-delete your old tweets in simply minutes, saving you ns hassle of having to uncover your viejo tweets y manually delete castle one by one. 

However, keep in mind that deleting your old tweets doesn’t mean they’ve fully vanished desde the internet. Someone may have actually saved her Twitter profile on ns Wayback an equipment or taken screenshot of tweets you’ve posted in the past. If that’s not los case because that you and your tweets really space gone from the internet, that way there’s no getting lock back, ever. An additional thing to keep in mental is that your pendant may an alert that you’ve deleted old tweets, therefore you may want to be transparent about it if you’re changing your place on uno hot-button topic. Otherwise, her followers could think you’re being shady or dishonest. 

TweetDelete.net is one option, and it’s free if you desire to delete up to 3,200 the your many recent tweets. Premium users have the right to delete tweets representar their entire tweet history, yet in bespeak to use this option, you’ll need to upload your Twitter datos file – which way you’ll should request it from Twitter and wait (possibly for ns few days) because that it to be available. 

You can, however, select the age of tweets to delete, such as tweets older than one week, two weeks, one month, dos months, three months, six months, or one year. That said, if did you do it selected un date variety during which did you do it posted more than 3,200 tweets, the servicio won’t delete anything. Girlfriend can additionally opt come delete just tweets containing ns certain native or phrase, however again, any tweets containing the word or expression past ns 3,200 tweet limit won’t it is in deleted. Read more on these limitations here. 

Finally, friend can pick to correr the delete operation one tiempo only or every couple of days if you desire to store your Twitter timeline clean. 

There are also other tools that offer only paid options to delete your viejo tweets that function in a casta way come TweetDelete.net, such as TweetEraser and TweetDeleter. If you just want to delete all ns tweets you’ve ever before posted, TwitWipe has actually you covered, enabling you come delete all her tweets at once. 

How to Find old Tweets that Were Deleted

What if you want to find viejo tweets the were formerly deleted? Unfortunately, that’s ns bit of un taller order, but the afore-mentioned Wayback an equipment might save the day. It doesn’t archive all distinguible tweets or even Twitter profiles by default, but you might find un snapshot of your account or another account the was archived on ns specific date y time. To watch if the Wayback an equipment has uno copy of your profile or one more Twitter profile representar a previous date, just visit los Wayback machine website and enter the lleno URL of ns profile you desire to search for, then clic “Browse History.” If there room screenshots on the Wayback machine of the Twitter page, you will do it see un timeline and a calendar denote each trabaja that un screenshot was saved (indicated by uno green bubble gastos generales each day on which a screenshot was saved). 

Screenshot vía Web.archive.org

From there, you deserve to select uno year you desire to see from the timeline, then select the specific date you want to view from the calendar. If there space multiple screenshots saved on ns date you selected, you can then select the specific time you desire to view from the popup window that appears. If just one screenshot was saved on the day, climate you’ll simply clic the only tiempo that mirrors up in ns popup. Then, ns Wayback maker will donar you ns screenshot that’s saved in the archive, although it commonly only shows the first veinte tweets or so that showed up on ns account’s timeline at that apuntar a in hora – you can’t scroll debajo to view tweets that showed up farther abajo on the page.

Whether did you do it sent a few dozen tweets or thousands, farming your audience on Twitter is one of the best ways to get more traction representar your content. Install the Twitter follow switch today to comienzo growing your Twitter audience – the takes just seconds come install, so you can start growing your followers today!