Patricio Rey Y Sus Redonditos De Ricota Album

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Patricio kingman Y su Redonditos ese Ricota bestography

Gulp! is ranked sixth best out of 11 albums through Patricio kingman Y de ellos Redonditos del Ricota on

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The finest album through Patricio kingman Y tu Redonditos después Ricota is Oktubre i beg your pardon is ranked number 3352 in ns list that all-time albums with a completamente rank score the 442.

Patricio kingman Y tu Redonditos después Ricota album bestography « higher ranked (46,349th) This album (50,156th)
lower ranked (50,156th) »Lobo Suelto, Cordero Atado, elevar 1Gulp!Gulp!

The Echo Lounge & music Hall, Dallas, flor States.

Old national Centre, Indianapolis, united States.

Gulp! monitor list

ns tracks top top this album have an average rating of 77 out of 100 (all tracks have actually been rated).

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Sort ranksYearSourceChartRankRank ScoreTotal Charts: no The enteramente number that charts the this album has showed up in. 4Total rank Score: The completamente rank score. 9
Top 100 Music Albums the 198573/1001
2020AltsoulTop 20 Music Albums of 198510/203
2018AltsoulTop 50 Music Albums of los 1980s49/501
Top 46 Music Albums of 198512/464

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