When human being think of polo Escobar’s death, they greatly think about los blaze that glory often depicted in movies. Or they think about ns vicious man that columbia and america painted in the 90s. Others even think about ns “Narcos” kingpin that blew up one Orejuela wedding.

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However, ns books written by paul Escobar’s son, Sebastián Marroquín (Juan pablo Escobar) admitir a different lado to the famed monster.

Don’t get us wrong, that is los same male that killed over hundreds that people. However, yes sir another side of that that ns Colombian world knew more intimately. So much so that the Colombians mourned his fatality all night. Together the New York day-to-day News describes, after Pablo Escobar’s death, ns “locals wailed y moaned, hailing the dead drug lord as uno savior of los poor.”



So that is the verdadero man behind los persona?

Well, firstly, polo came desde a humble lift traced all los way espalda to his hometown, Rionegro, Colombia. Ati principal that pablo Escobar’s father, Abel del Jesús Escobar Echeverri, was ns farmer, while his mother, Hermilda del los Dolores Gaviria Berrío, was uno school teacher.

Pablo Escobar’s Life


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Robin Hood

His humble start lends significantly to los man the became con time. Polo Escobar wanted un different future for his children, whereby money was cuales object. However, once he made it come his high position as los Medellin cartel’s leader, he never ever forgot the little people.

In his latest book, “The Accountant’s Story: Inside the Violent mundo of the Medellín Cartel” by robert Escobar, pablo Escobar’s brother describes how Pablo’s generosity constantly extended to los people. He built entire towns. Ns kingpin provided away thousands of residences for los less fortunate. He additionally funded people’s médico expenses, constructed schools so more Colombian niños could reap an education and built much more hospitals.

In fact, according to Ati, “Escobar’s open up support for los poor y his great to end up being Colombia’s chairman earned him ns nickname ‘Robin Hood.’ Robin Hood robbed and sometimes murdered ns rich, to offer their money to the poor. However, unlike los heroic outlaw in English folklore, not every one of Pablo’s murders to be selfless.”

The family members Man

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He was not only los Colombian people’s Robin Hood, however he was additionally his family’s knight in bright armor. Polo Escobar catered to his wife, Maria ganar Henao, and his family members to supply because that all their needs. Ati supplied countless examples of his familial efforts.

In among Pablo’s houses, he built un zoo exclusive for his family y friends. It contained giraffes, elephants, hippos and other pets so that his family could have un fun trabaja at ns zoo at their leisure. One more heartwarming occurrence came desde when Pablo y his family were on los run. Apparently, once Pablo and his family members were hiding in uno cave away desde his cartel y governmental pursuers, he melted around 20 million dollars to keep his daughter representar getting cold.

Some speak she had actually pneumonia, y others say it to be to prevent that occurrence. However, this instance shows that los monster mask polo wore for his enemies and the human being who simply stood in his way was different from the guy that listed for los poor and doted top top his family.

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Pablo Escobar exciting Facts:

His last Days


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His Brother’s Involvement

According to the Los Angeles Times y Business Insider, five different entities had to come together to take paul Escobar down: Pablo’s brother, los Cali cartel, der PEPES and both ns Colombian y U.S. Governments.

Yes, you read that right, Pablo’s brothers turned on him in the end. Sebastián Marroquín, Pablo’s son, wrote los following excerpt in his book, “Pablo Escobar: my Father”:

“My uncle roberto Escobar, ns official informant of ns DEA, actively contributed to carrying him to his enemies. Him, his siblings, y even his very own mother. That is a story that I’m not proud of, and I great it had been … a story about family values, respect, and company, and affection, yet sadly it to be not prefer that.”

We agree con Sebastián, us wish it had actually been a story about family values as well. It’s basic to suppose your opponents to stab you in ns back, but not your very own flesh y blood.

And polo surely accumulated uno lot of enemies throughout his reign.

Los PEPES and the Cali cartel’s Involvement

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For a detailed explanation of ns Cali cartel’s involvement, read our write-up that describes who lock are y all they did come take debajo their competition. But in short, lock were previous members of the Medellin póster who didn’t like that paul ruled like uno monarch. Lock funded y headed ns people that didn’t conform to laws in their pursuit: los PEPES y British mercenaries.

According come this “Information file on ese PEPES,” PEPES fittingly means “People Persecuted by paul Escobar.” castle became ns paramilitary group delaware Pablo murdered the Moncada and Galeano brothers. Apparently, this activity split up los Medellin cartel and created los enemies that would act as the muscle in Pablo’s take-down. Los PEPES, on los other hand, mainly acted as los footmen. Lock set the bombs y murdered Pablo’s corriendo men to add adicional pressure to ns kingpin.

However, past ill will, the Colombian and U.S. Federal governments had more comprehensive motives in their polo pursuit. Columbia wanted to avenge the public officials that polo killed, but they likewise wanted to prove to the world that all of their problems con violence and drugs came desde Pablo y his cartel.

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As Antonio caballero from the semanas Magazine suitable explained, “The assassinations, the bribes, and the corruption will continue because the service will continue … los only novelty is the with paul Escobar dead there will certainly be no one to blame for whatever that happens.”

As for ns issue the United principal had with Pablo, it every boils down to ns bottom line. Los U.S. Did no like just how much money to be leaving los country. Money invested on cocaine from Pablo was the exact very same amount not invested on localidades businesses and the U.S. Economy.

Pablo Escobar’s Death and What that Left Behind


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