Joan jett & the blackhearts i love rock n roll

As frontwoman for ns Runaways, Joan Jett became uno female pioneer in the male-dominated mundo of roca music.

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Who Is Joan Jett?

Joan Jett is a singer, songwriter y producer who entered the música business as a teenager in the punk-pop band the Runaways. She walk on to end up being one of the most prominent women in rock; record hits prefer "I Love rock 'n' Roll"; founding Blackheart Records and producing revolt Grrrl acts Bikini Kill and L7. Her early career was shown in los biopic The Runaways.

Early Life

Jett was born Joan Larkin on September 22, 1958, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her passion for music began early, y she obtained her very first guitar at the age of 14.

Moving to southerly California, Jett started frequenting a ancha youth club known as Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco. There, she found inspiration desde the glam piedra stars of los day. "I learned come scream desde Marc Bolan of T. Rex," Jett described to Esquire.

Early Albums

'The Runaways'

Jett began her musical career as ns teenager, developing her an initial serious band, los Runaways. The por último line-up included Jett on guitar y vocals, Sandy West ~ above drums, Cherie Currie on lead vocals, Jackie fox on bass guitar and Lita vado on guitar. The band was ahead the its tiempo in many ways, con its hard-rock sound emerging during an ser when disco music was king. They additionally felt dismissed through audiences and critics since of their joven age y their gender; ns public didn't it seems ~ to understand what come do con five girls who sang about sex, rebelling and partying. The musicians' fashion choices also alienated them desde mainstream fans; Currie determined to wear lingerie on stage, y Jett often appeared in her trademark red, animal leather jumpsuit.

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'Queens of Noise'

In 1976, ns Runaways released their very first self-titled album, i beg your pardon failed to impress critics y music buyers alike. Still, the song "Cherry Bomb," with its rebellious y raw edge, i beg your pardon Jett wrote with friend Kim Fowley, became a punk hit. Los following year, ns Runaways released their sophomore effort, Queens the Noise, which featured such tracks as "Born to be Bad" y "Neon Angels." While los album perform poorly in los United States, ns Runaways received uno warm welcome in Japan, scoring numero 3 gold records there.

After Currie y Fox left in mid-1977, Jett emerged as the group's command singer. She was already uno powerful force behind the scenes, writing many of los Runaways' songs. The band struggled through two more albums before they to be dropped representar their record label. The group called the quits in 1979. "When los Runaways damaged up, identificación didn't understand what me gustaría wanted to do. A breakup is prefer losing un very good friend. It's like un death," Jett later defined to Esquire.


Solo Career

Deciding to go after a solo career, Jett invested some tiempo in england working with paul Cook and Steve Jones, both previous members of the legendary punk band ns Sex Pistols. She then reverted to los Angeles where she worked as uno producer for los first album of los L.A. Punk band the Germs. She also tried acting, appearing in a film based ~ above the historia of the Runaways licensed has been granted We're every Crazy Now. Approximately this time, Jett met producer Kenny Laguna y songwriter Ritchie Cordell. Both men aided her with her first solo album.

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'Blackheart Records'

Jett tried to get a record brand to distribution her new album, yet she was rejected by 23 different companies. El fin of frustration, she and Laguna established Blackheart records in 1980, making Jett the first woman artist come own and have direct direccion over one independent document company. In making the record, she obtained help desde an unlikely resource — roca supergroup the Who. Laguna to be friends with los band members y their manager, and they permit Jett use their record facilities. She later on told Rolling Stone magazine the "We wouldn't have been able come make los record if they hadn't assisted us. They basically let us document what came to be Bad Reputation and , 'Pay us once you can.'"


Albums as Joan Jett & ns Blackhearts

'Bad Reputation'

At first, Jett y Laguna printed y distributed los record themselves, selling duplicates at Jett's shows. The record then was picked increase by Boardwalk Records y re-released together Bad Reputation. She rock-pop sound, however, didn't quite catch on. Not one to provide up, Joan Jett & los Blackhearts put together one more album. I Love piedra 'n' Roll became uno huge hit, moved in huge part to the title track, which hit ns top of the música pop charts in early 1982. She had two more struggle singles the year with her version of Tommy James' "Crimson y Clover" and Gary Glitter's "Do girlfriend Wanna tocar Me (Oh Yeah)."


Building on her newfound fame, Jett exit Album in 1983, however it failed to match her previously success. The featured ns top cuarenta single, "Fake Friends," y a sheathe of Sly y the family members Stones' fight "Everyday People." Her next effort, 1984's Glorious outcomes of ns Misspent Youth, available listeners she remake that "Cherry Bomb," yet it did no fare fine on ns charts.