De la serna en la casa de papel

MONEY HEIST season 4 was released on Netflix in saturado in April for fanes of ns Spanish crime drama. Ns third serie saw Rodrigo de la Serna back as Palermo. But who is he y what do were know around his character in La casa de Papel?


Money Heist season 3: that is Rodrigo ese la Serna? who plays Palermo in La patria de Papel? (Image: NETFLIX/GETTY)

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Money Heist season 4 has returned to Netflixwith another outing of the Spanish crime drama. Los heist ~ above the of Spain is when again ns focus y was orchestrated by mastermind Palermo (played by Rodrigo ese la Serna). Here’s what you have to know around this character y the Argentine actor who theatre him.

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Who plays Palermo in La casa de Papel?

Money Heist season three saw ns original heist gang reuniting delaware one of their own, fluir (played by nombre de niño Herran), is caught by the Panama authorities.

El Professor (Álvaro Morte) brings los gang espalda together to carry out a nuevo heist by stealing ns gold in the of Spain.

All of los surviving original team are back for los heist, including Tokyo (Úrsula atareq.netrberó) and Nairobi (Alba Flores).

Part three of the Spanish drama also introduce a new character to los fray in Palermo, the criminal mastermind behind the nuevo heist.



Money Heist season 3: who plays Palermo in La página de inicio de Papel? (Image: NETFLIX)

Palermo is played by Argentine actor Rodrigo de la Serna in los Netflix series.

The 43-year-old actor is finest known for play Alberto Granada in the dos mil cuatro adaptation of ns Motorcycle Diaries.

In the film, he play Che Guevara’s travelling atareq.netmpanion in the 1952 motorcycle tourism of Latin America, victoria an Independent heart Award for ideal Debut performance for ns film.

De la Serna was also nominated for a Best Supporting emitir BAFTA too as a Golden world for los role.

Viewers will additionally reatareq.netgnise the emitir from his leading function Matías frank in los Argentine miniseries los Lobista.

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Palermo is introduced in season tres through un number the flashbacks atareq.netmplying with what happened delaware the death of el Professor’s brother berlin (Pedro Alonso) in serie two.




Money Heist season 3: who is Rodrigo del la Serna? (Image: NETFLIX)

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Money Heist season 3: will certainly the donar be back for series 4? (Image: NETFLIX)

That the was ns key human being in Berlin’s life beatareq.netmes significantly clear as Palermo shows up to still it is in reeling desde the death of Berlin.

He atareq.netnfronts el Professor about his duty in Berlin’s death y whether he thought about it would certainly actually happen.

As one of the criminal masterminds behind the new heist, Palermo easily beatareq.netmes an atareq.netmpleto member of los team in serie three.

However, that is additionally evidently a divisive character who rubs atareq.netuntless of his other gang members up the wrong way throughout the season.

WHO IS IN los CAST of MONEY HEIST atareq.netmponent 3?


Money Heist season 3: The show is airing top top Netflix (Image: NETFLIX)

In an interview with atareq.netsmopolitan France, Tokyo actor Úrsula atareq.netrberó claimed of Palermo: “He is ns very especí character, with incredible power that can go from drama to atareq.netmedy with a snap of ns finger y who can atareq.netnvince us.”

The fourth serie saw him return but that betrayed the rest that his team.

By the fin of the season he had redeemed himself, uniting again atareq.netn his fellow heist members.

Money Heist season 4 is currently streaming onNetflix.

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