Como se llama la pelicula de lali esposito

A fatal turn of occasions at ns brothel sends numero 3 women haunted by their pasts on un wild run representar their pimp y his henchmen.

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From los creators of " Heist," certification Verónica Sánchez (" identidad", Asier Etxeandia (" y Glory", nombre de niño Ángel silvestre (""
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A fatal revolve of events at uno brothel sends three women haunted by your pasts on ns wild run desde their pimp y his henchmen.

When Gina gets in un violent brawl with her pimp, Coral y Wendy pertained to her rescue, sparking one astonishing chain of events.

The trio hides fuera in uno place that seems perfect — till it all of sudden isn't. Coral it s okay shocking news. Romeo's men follow Coral's cellphone signal.

Coral recalls past occasions that brought about an unexpected affair. Gina confesses to gift in a relationship with ns man, whom she looks for out.

When Moisés and Christian atrapalo up to the trio and corner them, Coral decides to turn the tables on the brothers. Wendy's backstory is revealed.

Christian and Moisés follow Wendy into a warehouse, where ns surprise awaits. Coral admits she came to the sociedad voluntarily, y explains why.

The trio make uno discovery that complicates their plans to escape for good. In ns flashback, Romeo asks Coral to work-related for that in an additional capacity.

The tres women seek the vet's aid again. Coral opens up about her past. Romeo returns to the club, whereby Fernando asks to speak come him.

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Wendy operation into a man who won't take cuales for one answer. Romeo demands that Moisés prove his loyalty. The trio beginning a destinadas to reclaim what's theirs.

Desperate because that freedom however tempted by vengeance, Coral, Wendy and Gina proceed to challenge off against their pursuers, who start to rotate on each other.

An hurt Wendy contemplates search revenge on Christian together he no hope searches for Moisés. Coral makes un life or fatality decision concerning Romeo.

Gina and Wendy negotiate a hostage swap to acquire Coral regreso but your escape brings a nuevo set that challenges.

Coral frantically attempts to conserve herself y her two friends, who are afraid it is hopeless. Grief seeps right into Moisés and Romeo's solemn event at the club.

Moisés looks for advice from a friend once his guilt intimidates to overwhelm him. Underground, Wendy asks Coral for a favor.

Coral proposes ns new destinadas to get revenge top top Romeo. Wendy has actually an idea of that can help them. Moisés y Christian struggle with their recent obstacle.

Gina finds un creative systems for your weapons trouble while Wendy confronts Fermín about his actions. Romeo reminds Christian of their history.

After ns violent episode at the hotel, los women and Fermín placed their robbery destinadas in motion. Moisés and Christian shot to pull off a heist of their own.

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The battle for money, justice and vengeance rages on, straining every parties involved as alliances shift and the victim count rises.

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