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TypeReleasedRecordedRYM RatingRanked Genres
no ArtistBritney Spears
16 might 2000
November mil novecientos noventa y nueve - February 2000
2.35 no / 5.00.5 from 2,266 ratings
#1,367 for 2000



Darryl anthony backing vocals4The fan Choir dos backing vocals6Charlotte Björkman performer1Chatrin Nyström performer1Jeanette Stenhammar performer1Johanna Stenhammar performer1Therese Ancker performer1The Fanchoir voice1Alfred Bosco assistant engineer4, mix engineer4Clayton wood assistant engineer4, mix engineer4Richard Meyer computer5, programming5Antonia Kilitas performer6, 7Diana Alhaswa performer6, 7Eleni Tseneklidou performer6, 7Marlené Safin performer6, 7Mina Sarkhash performer6, 7Mona Yacoub performer6, 7Terry Mettam electrical guitar11Alfred V. Brown viola12Stephanie Baer viola12Gerald Tack violin12Margaret Magill violin12Marion Pinhiero violin12Sandra Billingslea violin12Stanley Hunte violin12Xin Zhao violin12
jsharma17 Jul 03 dos mil veintiuno ▼ no 2.50 stars
3.00 stars 1 Oops!... Me gustaría Did that Again

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I wasn't remotely impression by Britney's debut yet at the very least there to be multiple decent songs on there. Oops!...I Did it Again is ns much weaker album the hasn't aged well y is pretty boring. A lot of win sound ns exact same y the large hit turn off this album, Oops!... I Did that Again is merely an average, cheesy pop song by today's standard. The album representar there is mostly flawed but not fully terrible. Besides the note about the production above, los vocals aren't as well interesting y much of ns content is repetitive. However dawg, this album is so damn boring. I was listening to this on ns flight y I have ns hard tiempo falling sleep on plan but this somehow did los trick! y while identificación was grateful i was able to sleep, identificación soon realized i would have the unpleasure of having to hear to the entire second fifty percent of this album again. What conserves this album from being even worse is the it's only 12 tracks. Oops!... Me gustaría Did that Again is ns true dud y something that has actually been ns victim that time, however that may have actually been for ns better.Final Verdict: yes this is absolutely not worth it. I'm happy identificación get to hear to her better albums soon
_oh Dec 30 dos mil veinte 2.50 stars
ns first track oops!... Me gustaría did the again is uno great single representar britney. It's really fun y catchy y a track that everybody can appreciate. Me gustaría always choose listening to albums like these where me gustaría only recognize 1 or dos singles representar it, simply to see what lock did with it. Y this album... No really do anything. Theres dos types of songs on this album, one of them being these sluggish ballad songs, and the other escribe being complete copys the oops!... Me gustaría did it again. Los slow songs on this album are an extremely uninteresting, they arent slow-moving songs like piano song (which me gustaría would probably prefer), they're much more like slow chill songs. Yes, i would fairly hear songs choose someone you love by lewis capaldi 보다 this. At least with that song i can say that it's somewhat powerful, also if the is incredibly melodramatic, i m sorry is something i cant say to ns songs top top this album. The upbeat song on this album room slightly better, as i said they all sound the same. If i didnt hear oops!... Identificación did the again on los radio ns bunch of times identificación wouldn't have been able come tell the apart from the rest of the songs top top this album, me gustaría think identificación only prefer it over the other ones since of just how many times I've heard it. Y I think i do like it due to the fact that it's better, yet still it's no that different representar the other ones.favorite track: oops!... Me gustaría did it againleast favourite track: once your eyes say it

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i used to think this album to be perfect due to the fact that of nostalgia (it was among my favorite in mine tween years), but delaware listening to it more recently it felt rather dated, unauthentic y hard to listen to.It has some catchy songs that i still reap like the title track, "Stronger" y "Don't allow me be the último to Know", y the non-singles identificación liked to be "What U view (is What U get)" and "Where space you now". Those ones space nice songs but that wasn't enough to save ns album. The rest is quite mediocre and sounds like ns soundtrack to un generic soap opera, not like un proper album in my opinion. Identificación prefer los debut over this one.